About Us

Company Profile

 Naisus Co Ltd is a Limassol, CYPRUS based engineering firm founded in 1995 specializing in the implementation of industrial control systems.  We offer a wide range of services including “turnkey” PC-based automation systems, programmable logic controller (PLC) programming, human machine interface (HMI) programming, power and control panel design and fabrication, and a variety of other automation and Integration related services.

Since its inception, Naisus has seen vigorous growth both in size and diversity and is presently one of the leading system integrators in Cyprus with a growing presence in Middle East.

Naisus Co Ltd greatly values the long-term relationships formed with each of our clients.  We have a great deal of pride in our work and want to do the best job possible for all of our customers.  Naisus Co Ltd’s staff is not afraid of hard work and will do whatever it takes to maintain a project schedule.  Experience, flexibility, and quality make Naisus Co Ltd the logical choice for all of your industrial control system needs.

Industrial Process Control, Building and Energy Management systems.

Our staff comprises of engineers that have a diverse technical background which includes experience in various industries such as power networks and generation, pharmaceuticals, water and wastewater treatment, chemical, dairy, gas and oil.

Our process experience includes power network control and generators control, batching, blending, chillers, conveyors, coal/mineral handling, filling systems, furnace/oven control, heat treatment, packaging, presses and much more.

We are also very proficient in the implementation of PC based Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems for graphical operator interface, data collection, report generation, long term data archival and retrieval, and web interfaces.  Over the few years of existence Naisus has developed and installed tenths of HMI systems of assorted types.  These include software by companies such as AFCON INC (P-CIM), Siemens (ProTool Pro, WinCC), ALERTON INC (COMPASS WEB SERVER, ALERTON BUILDING SUITE), CSE-SEMAPHORE (Web Form Studio T-BOX),

Naisus Co Ltd has extensive experience with PLC based systems and DCS.  We design control systems based on a variety of PLC’s including Siemens, Modicon, and Square D and lately Honeywell’s HP300.  The engineers at Naisus Co Ltd are very familiar with hardware, software, and cabling requirements to network PLC’s and associated devices on various types of local area networks LAN and wide area networks WAN. Our technical knowledge and experience offered with every project for installation requirements, setting and start up as well as yearly maintenance.

 At Naisus Co Ltd we are proud of our field-experienced engineering staff. Our engineers have the field experience required to fully understand real world control systems, especially important safety interlocks.  Our engineers have a great deal of field experience with manufacturing equipment and plant floor conditions, gained during on-site start ups and system retrofits.  Having these engineers involved directly in the design of a control system greatly enhances the operation of the final installed system.

Systems Integrations

Naisus Co Ltd provides solutions and expertise in top integration technologies with solutions covering a large area of automations integration at plant level (horizontal integration) and enterprise level (vertical integration). The following protocol standards are promoted and used as the backbone of our interoperability solutions: ASHRAE-BACnet, OPC Foundation-OPC, Profibus International-Profibus, and European Installation Bus EIB-KNX. MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP and all open protocols in the industry.

Industrial Automations

Naisus is dedicated to excellence in design of PLC control and SCADA systems. This is accomplished through employment of the latest state-of-the-art components and application techniques. Naisus Co Ltd makes provision for training on all provided products. All switchgear to house the equipment is also built here.

Today, Naisus maintains an outstanding industry reputation in implementation of high-quality, user-friendly control systems.

A variety of state of the art tools and technologies are used to provide top of the line industrial automation solutions:



Building and Energy Management


  • Smart Buildings (lighting control, dimming, AV Solutions, VRV,

A/C, Chilled Water Systems, Integration)

BEMS Panel Building working with Alerton Inc (Today a Honeywell Company) and Siemens

Power System Design and Instrumentation

Naisus Co Ltd provides excellence in network design beginning at the source and finishing at the consumer outlet.

Optimization of the design implementation leads to technically sound and very cost effective solutions.

Harmony in coordination of the primary with stand-by power sources result to measurable power export and flow control.

Our many years of experience in designing in implementing stand-by emergency utilities with various brands of generating sets ranging from Caterpillar and Deutz up to sets from smaller manufacturers such as Swan Generators entitle Naisus Co Ltd to claim pioneering in solutions that result in a 100% utilization of resources; continuity of service is secured.

Naisus Co Ltd has proven capable to reliably equip generator sets in the 5MVA range in excess of 25 years of age retrofit.

Home Automation Systems – Smart buildings

                   Experience in Automation and Cybernetics, have let us to pursue the intelligent buildings implementation. The activity dates back to 2003, when our first lighting system project was captioned. Since that time we have gone a long way into complete Integration of Lifestyle into our systems. Audio/Video, Light, Irrigation, Pool controls, Surveillance, VRV, Chiller, FCU controls and Alarms are built into our proposed systems. Home servers facilitated central, Local, Airplay and remote control virtually from any place in the world. Security is built into our access control, so that our installations cannot be hacked.


 Naisus Co Ltd has exclusive agreements to represent leading Control Equipment and SCADA software manufacturers in the local market and the immediate region:


–        HSS M.V. Switchgear

–        AFCON-INC for P-CIM/PULSE SCADA Package

–        VAASA and Toshiba for Frequency Inverter Drives

–       SIEMENS – SIVACON for Switchboards

–    Alerton Inc for Building and Energy Management Systems


–       Integrated Monitoring Systems

–       NDesign for network Analysis,resulting Energy Saving solutions.

  • Honeywell for Instrumentation
  • Comap Generator Power Systems Components
  • Honeywell DCS and Field Components
  • CD Innovations, home servers
  • Blumotix KNX equipment
  • Ingenium KNX equipment
  • CJC KNX switches and standard discrete components


Naisus Co Ltd is proud to announce partnership agreements with the world leaders in Automation, Power Management and SCADA software and EIB products:


  • Comap
  • Honeywel

Dedication to Quality
The objective of our Quality Management System is to provide our customers with a service of the highest possible standard, accredited from correspondence to job completion

The company   CYS EN ISO 9001 accredited as well as ELOT and IQNET

The employees of the Company are required to work to procedures. The Quality System is in place and the employees are trained on procedures as laid down in the Quality Manual. 

One trademark of Naisus Co Ltd power and control systems is our attention to thorough documentation.  We provide completely documented PLC programs that are fully cross-referenced, easy to read, and simple to follow.  All of our system drawings are generated on computer, using the latest version of AutoCAD.  Our in-house CAD system gives us the capability to cost effectively provide exceptional system documentation and to complete large quantities of quality drawings in a short time period.


Naisus Co Ltd can provide clients with a single source for control system responsibility.  This includes the procurement of equipment, design engineering, programming, drawings, start up services, and training required for maintenance and operating personnel.  At Naisus Co Ltd we have our own control panel fabrication TABULA N, wiring, and checkout facility to help maintain excellent quality control on projects.  If your project demands total “turnkey” responsibility Naisus Co Ltd will also take responsibility for the electrical installation